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Hacking Finance identity and website

Our irreverent identity for Hacking Finance mixes a custom blackletter logotype and monogram with a toolbox of colors and patterns that can be remixed across brand touchpoints.

Working closely with HF’s marketing and editorial teams, we organized and designed a robust online editorial platform that includes flexible article templates, custom audio and video players, and a web shop. Coupled with our eclectic art direction, the work positions the editorial platform as a boundary-pushing fintech thought leader.

The site is also full of playful details and Easter eggs, including a tongue-in-cheek “Banker Mode,” which toggles on a SFW (Safe for Work) mirror site poking fun at traditional fintech aesthetics.

From its launch in 2018 through 2020 we oversaw all art direction for the brand’s site and other special projects, including “The Shade”, a podcast exploring the margins of tech and money.

We also created newsletter templates for monthly content roundups and the weekly “If You Read One Thing” series.

For live events, we created swag, signage and marketing, like these irreverent flyers, branded pins, and a portable neon sign.

Beyond our initial branding work, we art directed and designed HF’s print magazine and created visual identities for Hacking Finance’s 2018 and 2019 retreat in Méribel, France.

Lettering by KsenyaS amarskya
Front end development: Maria Adelaide
Hat photography: Chris Maggio
“The Shade” artwork: Seo Inji
“Working It” flyer illustration: Pete Gamlen
Junior designers: Élise Rigollet & Lily Fulop