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Manna Molecular identity

First engaged to undertake a simple site redesign, our work for Manna Molecular evolved into an entire visual overhaul that included product packaging, art direction, and a robust e-commerce website.

Positioning Manna as a fun, freethinking cannabis company backed by serious scientific research, we collaborated with The Studio Gold to create psychedelic interactive animations and 3d models of the full line of Manna products, for use across their website and marketing.

We also created a “science mode” for Manna’s website that can be toggled on to reveal extended information about the company and its products. The site is packed with other unexpected microinteractions and design details that underscore the brand’s carefree attitude and rigorously tested product.

Our packaging strategy uses gradients to differentiate each product line, with the aim of employing a full spectrum of color across the rapidly evolving brand for maximum visual impact in retail displays. Wherever possible, we incorporated subtle touches of iridescent foil. We also developed strategies for differentiating CBD and THC formulations of each product, while ensuring that all designs adhered to state regulations, including child proofing packaging as needed.

We’ve since designed in-store displays, newsletter templates, and various marking and shipping collateral.

Manna Molecular Creative Director Carolyn Wheeler
Animation and product renders by The Studio Gold
Blog icons illustrated with Nick Sheeran
Matisse illustration by Cari Vander Yacht
Creative development by Maria Adelaide